Monday, July 30, 2012

It's drafty in here.

[Every week I play a Magic Booster Draft, I will post the high lights of it here.]
When I draft I often build my deck around my first pick, As such I try to make my first pick a rare. This week I first picked a Serra Avenger. Then I began to draft a B/W Exalted/Control deck. I was lucky enough to draft four copy's of Pacifism, Two copy's of Duress, Two copy's of Disentomb and a O Ring, All of witch proved to be very useful. I played 8 games against 3 opponents. My first foe used a life gain deck witch was rather annoying, I would spend a turn or two doing damage to her and she would cast Angel's Mercy and gain it all back. Despite that I won 2/0 with 17 seconds left on the clock. During my first match I used a Servant of Nefarox enchanted with Mark of the Vampire to gain 20 life.
My second foe was a lot stronger, Using a elf powered Sands deck he managed to mill me to death once but  my Avenger beat him twice. My third foe ended my wining streak though, He used W/U flyers. I did manage to beat him once but in the end I lost.
All in all It was very successful, I would have liked to have won a bit more but I had a good time and that's what matters. I also managed to trade my Avenger and two other rares for a Primeval Titan.

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